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All Cash Funding Associates specializes in providing financial products and services to businesses and individuals nationwide and, with some products, internationally.

Cash received today is worth more than money received tomorrow.  This is often referred to as "the time value of money.  The risks of higher inflation, credit risks (personal, business, governments, the economy) the United States and World political and financial situations, and possible future health problems, the general overall future uncertainty makes money in hand today much more valuable than money received in the distant future.

The main reason for business failures is the lack of cash (working capital, liquidity).  It slows or prevents growth.  Healthy, growing companies need new investment capital to fund expansion (overhead, inventory, payrolls, real estate, etc.).  Effective investment and cash management is imperative to continuous, controlled business growth.  Since every business has it's own special needs and unique situations, we have chosen to offer a wide array of business financial options to fill the many needs and various stages of your business cycles.  We look forward to working with you, and partnering with you in your future growth.


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